Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Get Your Life Back With A Bail Agent

A life in jail is no way live.  If you've landed yourself behind bars more than once in the past couple years, you have a real problem.  I don't need to tell you that.  In fact, you're probably reading this article right now looking for direction, searching for a way to get your life back on track and make something of yourself.  As a career criminal, I know what it's like to get out of jail and have no one or no where to go.  I'm now in the writing business and hope to have my first book published within the next year. Enough about me.  Let's focus on you.  If you have a bail company, such as McRaeBail Bonds, that you've used in the past, it can probably help you get your job back, find a good wife and even save a little money for retirement right now.

Bail Agents As Your Counselor

I've noticed over the years an interesting trend in the bail bonding business.  Now bail bond companies are offering counseling and life coaching as part of their contract with defendants.  It would make good business sense to keep their client in jail,but appears these people really want to help others make good choices.  When searching for life coach/bail agent, make sure they are certified through the American Correctional Association. This prestigious organization trains employees across the country on how to rehabilitate inmates back into the real world.  When you get out of jail, the feeling of joy is quickly replaced by worry, anxiety and fear.  Life coaches certified by the American Inmate Counselors are specifically trained to help you mange the variety of emotions you will experience throughout your journey.  Once you get your emotions under control, you'll begin to certified set short term and long term goals for your life.

Community Service With Your Bail Bondsman

Once you set goals, you need to develop a road map to achieve your dreams. Even with your criminal history, you should still dream big and set even bigger career goals. When I got out of the slammer 10 years ago, I quickly discovered the best way to connect with other professionals and demonstrate my work ethic was to give back to my community.  During the first couple years after my release, I picked garbage up along a local highway, cooked meals for a homeless shelter and offered to mentor inmates currently serving time in the state penitentiary. Bottom line: you need to rebuild your resume and prove to our society you have changed! If you need help finding community service projects, your bail bondsman can point you in the right direction.

Best Friends With Your Bail Agent

When you first get out of jail, you'll quickly notice all your friends have moved on with their lives.  Your best friend now has a wife and three kids.  Your second best friend from elementary school is now a surgeon at the local hospital.  They probably don't want a felon hanging around. I mean would you? I know it's a tough reality to face, but don't worry, you will make new friends.  In fact, to really get your life back on track you need to keep good company.  There's no better place to search for a new friend than with the company that helped you get out of the slammer.  Yep, you know the only guy who was there for you right after your arrest.  Even though you've paid your agent to get you out of jail, you may be able to pay him or her another small fee to be your best friend.

New Job And No More Jail Bonds

If you attend regular life coach and counseling sessions, find a best friend and complete community service, you are certainly on the right track. Congratulations! Now, that you're making progress toward reaching your goals, it's time to start applying for jobs. To better serve newly release convicts, I've started a job board to help you in your career search.  The companies with current job opening have signed an agreement with me, insuring they're HR director will not discriminate based on your past criminal convictions.  So, go ahead and apply for that accounting job.  No one will treat you different just because you've served 16 years for embezzlement.

Good luck in your transition back to society.  Don't hesitate to call or shoot me an email.  Your questions and concerns may just be published in my next book.